Welcome to Rovas

Rovas allows you to participate in NEO - a community economic system with simple rules:

  • create any product or service that can be purchased through Rovas and you will get 10 Chrons (the NEO currency) for every hourt of your labor,
  • if somebody buys, or rewards your product or service, Rovas will give you a non-monetary Merit reward,
  • use your Chrons to buy other people's products, or exchange it for any other currency.

See the Rules page for more information

Warning: This is beta 2 version of the Rovas application. Some functions might not perform as expected, and a possibility exists that the data entered or new data derived from them might be lost.
By using this application you agree not to hold this application creators responsible for any direct or indirect harm caused by such losses. You also agree to reward the application creators with 1 % of any (Chron) value you earn. This amount will be subtracted from your Chron account automatically by the application at the end of every month. The transaction will appear in your ledger as a standard purchase, made against the Rovas (846) project. In agreement with the NEO economy rules, the project creators will not receive your reward in Chrons, but in Merits, which can not be traded for other currencies, goods or services. The Chrons subtracted from your account will be destroyed by Rovas, increasing the value of Chrons held by all NEO participants. In other words - in NEO - nobody can earn economic profit. Instead, economy participants are rewarded with reputation-like, Merit reward - an explicit, numerical expression of one's skills or value for the society.

You can help development of Rovas by reporting bugs via email (address is below), or on the Rovas Github page